A Quick Guide for the Homebuyer.  

The Quick Guide for the Homebuyer is a free and easy way to check a few important features of the home for home buyers and real estate agents.  Print out the form and follow the list as you view homes.

While not a replacement for a home inspection, having an idea of the potential issues will help prepare you for what an inspector will find.  It can also help in the process of selecting a home before investing earnest money or inspections.


You will notice that all of the topics relate to water intrusion, either by weather or supply.  This is because water intrusion issues in homes can be expensive, and are one of most common issues with homes.  Older homes will often have water damaged windows and outdated roofing and siding.  Weatherproofing techniques including house wrap, flashing and caulking were not as advanced as they are now, and retrofitting homes with these features can be cost prohibitive.


Newer homes are not exempt from water intrusion.  As a contractor I recently completed a repair of a home built in 2005 that had incorrectly installed window flashing and house wrap.  In many areas, walls had to be stripped to studs, moisture remediated, and both interior and exterior finishes redone.  The total cost of the repair was $28,000 dollars, nearly double the original cost of weatherproofing and siding the home. 

I share this story for the same reason I share the guide: to empower customers to make informed and calculated decisions.  When making one of the biggest if not the biggest investment of your life, you should be informed!

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